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Europe Air Crew offers training courses for cabin crew.

We designed courses to provide you the essential skills to become a cabin crew member in all European airlines.

As a Certified Cabin Crew Training Organisation (CCTO), EAC provides training and examination not only in Malta but also anywhere in the European Union.

CCA will enable you to apply for a cabin crew position with any airline in Europe.

Enrol in our training course :

Our training courses in Europe (Malta, France, Portugal…) are suitable for English-speaking people with a minimum of language skills to be able to study in English.

We will be able to evaluate your English level before beginning. 

However, the Cabin Crew Attestation courses are strictly in accordance with EASA regulations and the instructors are all fully accredited by Civil Aviation Authority.

EAC ensures a high-performance training.

EAC presents high quality training programmes to ensure that all trainees receive the best instruction.

  • Courses are designed to meet the specific needs of the trainee.
  • Our instructors are experts and have all worked as crew members for many years.

Latest testimonials


I had an amazing time at Europe Air Crew. The instructors were great and we learned a lot about being a CC. But what I really enjoyed was meeting new friends and making memories. Hedy N.


I enrolled in a training with Europe Air Crew. Then I have since interviewed with an airline and thanks to my CCA. And I got a job as a flight attendant! The program was very interesting and I am very happy. Emily J.


I took this course because I wanted to become a cabin crew. Let me say that I learned a lot and had a great time! I would recommend this course to anyone interested in becoming a cabin crew member. Jules W.


I always wanted to be a flight attendant, but I didn’t think I would ever get the chance. However, after taking the Europe Air Crew course, I was hired immediately in a French airline. I am thrilled with my future as a cabin crew! Anna S.