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Europe air crew overview.

EAC Malta Ltd is a Europe Air crew Training Institute approved as an EASA Cabin Crew Training Organisation by Transport Malta – Directorate of Civil Aviation

EAC organises training courses for Cabin Crew in order to obtain the CCA (Cabin Crew Attestation).

In full compliance with EASA regulations and as a certified CCTO, EAC provides training not only in Malta but also throughout Europe.

The CCA will give you the opportunity to apply for a flight attendant position in all European Airlines.

You have to know that Malta is a particularly dynamic country and well represented in the European Union.
Many airlines, including the national airline Air Malta, ensure that the island is easily accessible in a few hours and at very affordable prices.
The English language, officially spoken throughout the country, represents a major advantage in the aviation industry.
A good level of English is a prerequisite for employment as a flight attendant.
Europe Air Crew is assisted by the best partners to offer you a quality and efficient training.

Our training courses in Europe are suitable for English-speaking people with a minimum of language skills to be able to study in English. An evaluation of your level will be performed before beginning. However, the Cabin Crew Attestation courses are strictly the same and the instructors are accredited by the Maltese Civil Aviation Authority.

EAC ensures a high-performance training.

The training duration is carefully studied to satisfy the requirements that this profession needs from a safety and a commercial point of view.

A quality training is a major asset during recruitment and during the airlines’ entry qualifications.

EAC pedagogical methods are grounded on both the quality of our material and the instructors’ competencies.

All EAC managers have more than 20 working years experience in  flight crew training and have successfully certified thousands of candidates.

If you need to improve your level of English, Alpha School will be an excellent partner to teach you the required English skills for your future career.