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How to come to Malta and how much does it cost?

Malta is only a few flight hours away from the main European cities and you can get there all year round at very competitive prices.

Our packages usually include accommodation (see courses descriptions) and the cost-of-living is very attractive.

The Maltese people are very welcoming, and the life is quiet and one of the safest in Europe.


English is the official language in the country and that ensure you a total language immersion.

Average plane ticket prices

The best way to get a comparative airline pricing is through specialized websites like :

Here is a graph that shows you the average plane ticket prices from European capitals according to the period.
It is generally possible to travel to Malta for less than 100 €.
However, it is better to book as soon as possible to take advantage of the lowest prices. This is why our trainings are usually planned several weeks in advance to give you the time to organize yourself as well as possible.

We generally do not operate in Malta during the summer for price considerations. However, we are still training in the rest of Europe.

Listing of airlines flying to Malta

Air Malta is a good choice in terms of connections, welcome on board and ticket prices! However, you can compare flight pricing by clicking on the following airlines’ websites :