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Sanitary crisis

In the context of the sanitary crisis that particularly affects the aeronautical sector, it is appropriate to ask yourself why you should engage in a cabin crew qualification.
We will try to give a pragmatic and honest answer to this pertinent question.
First of all, the aeronautical sector has been constantly buffeted by many different and diverse parameters. In the last 30 years that we have been working in this sector as crew members and instructors, we have had many surprises. Oil crises, air transport de-regulation, the Gulf War, the September 11, etc…
We have to admit that working in the aviation sector is not a long quiet river.
The health crisis has at least the advantage of being identified and presents some medium-term solutions. According to economic experts, it could take between two and three years for the world’s airlines to return to their 2019 level of activity.

Passenger volume

It is important to keep in mind that what is happening now has already happened in the past. Maybe on a smaller scale, but the concept remains the same. One event weakens the economy of airlines. Some go bankrupt and new companies are born.
We have to think with the market. It is possible that businessmen may temporarily change their habits, but what about all those families spread around the world who want to physically get together from time to time. And what about all this economy based on tourism which brings billions to the visited countries? No, whether it’s good or bad for the planet, one thing is certain: our transportation model will remain unchanged for several decades!

In the end, what has always happened is that the strongest airlines restructure economically and offer departure plans to their former highest-paid employees. This then allows them to hire new staff at lower remuneration. New companies are being created and are attacking the remaining market (60% of the European market remains accessible to low-cost airlines).

Why should you engage yourself in a cabin crew training now ?

For all the reasons mentioned above, if you really want to embark on a career as a cabin crew, then get started now:
– there are low waiting lists at training schools…
– you will have time to improve your weak points such as English language skills or the acquisition of a new language.
– You will be ready and available on the job market when the airlines open their recruitment.
It’s not when the train arrives at the station that you have to pack your suitcase !